Where are the orders coming from?

The shirts will be fulfilled by Printaura. The art prints will be fulfilled by Printful. All orders will be initiated by me to the respective company within 24 hours of the initial purchase.

The ideal domestic shipping time is anywhere from 2-10 business days on all items, depending on the shipping agreement you requested. For any international orders, expect a 2-12 week shipping period.

Are pre-order items shipped separately?

I’ll hold the entire shipment until every item is available so you can receive them at the same time. If you want or need something sooner, please let me know ASAP by email.

What is this store’s return and exchange policy?

For any broken or damaged items in shipping, I will replace them. Just please email and take a photo of the damaged item.

The item I want says “Out of stock.” When will these be in stock again?

Usually when I do limited run items, it’s because I’m testing fulfillment of a new item. After a few weeks, the item will be back in stock permanently until further notice. For any items that I specifically label “Special Limited Run,” these items are usually never restocked.

Who are you?

I’m LLJB3. It stands for “Live Life, James Burrell III”, although I’m alright with people calling me “Ladies Love J B 3.” Yes, this is a Cool J reference.

You can call me JB, JB3, Jimmy B, or (Your Friendly Neighborhood) Bell Boi.

As well as being an artist, I am (was) also a musician, and my specialty is the xylophone, or mallet percussion. Bell Boi was my marching band crab name in high school, and I hated it at first. My homie B-Sharp spelled it similar to Big Boi from Outkast in my yearbook one day, and I accepted this name henceforth.

This is my brand. I stream fighting, action, and role-playing games; I draw; and I build websites for a living, like this one! I don’t want to ramble on too much, because you can always go here to get an extensive and more professional sounding bio.

What are your favorite media properties?

That’s easy. Street Fighter, Suits, My Hero Academia, Cowboy Bebop, Marvel Cinematic Universe.